From touring cars to Premier League football, conferences to catwalks and now drama and short films, cameras and the moving image have been my passion since my first Super 8 camera aged 13.

Always making, I constructed myself a camera box to take with me on set. My box was great for sitting down to get that lower shot or standing up for a loftier camera angle higher up on the sticks. My trusty wooden box was always there when I had need of it...actually that isn't true...I usually had to go find the cast or crew member who had found the box just as useful and borrowed it for their own multitude of purposes. This gave rise to requests for individual boxes for other professionals and production companies, in fact I think Lime Pictures were our first company client!

Life took a bit of a left turn and during my midlife crisis, Lymphoma, I started to design in 3D as a positive focus. (I like to see this as a glass half full moment). With the purchase of one cheap 3D printer, I managed to make and sell the first printed products.  Add this to the wooden kit I was making and SETGEAR LTD was born!

I had dreamed of being an inventor as a child, so I still love making and designing useful, thoughtful objects which make life that little bit easier.



Joe May in California